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This video is all about the basics of astronomy. With this video, you will be able to learn some facts about our solar system. Find out how the sun was formed, what are planetesimals, what planetesimals are composed of and how these planetesimals formed into the planets we know today. You will learn how the 4 outer planets have rings around them, how they have a strong gravitational pull to form their own atmosphere, how the surfaces of the 4 inner planets were heated and even how the moon was probably formed. The video also talks about how our moon and the moons of other planets have craters, and talks about what might have happened to the rest of the planetesimals that were left over.

Enjoy seeing this Kidsastronomy facts for kids video and quickly test your young children’s attraction to Kidsastronomy.

This Kidsastronomy video is safe to enjoy for your children, from ones participating in early learning programs for Kindergarten kids, until fifth graders, certainly also including pre-school kids and kids educated in the house.

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