Electric Circuit Facts for Kids Video

                                          Electric Circuits Facts

An electric circuit can be defined as a path in which electrons flow from a voltage or current source flow. A battery or some other power source gives the voltage required to move. Electric circuits use two forms of electric power, AC and DC. Electric current flows in a loop so a circuit needs to be complete. There should be no gaps. Some circuits have a switch so that they can be turned on and off. There are two different types of circuits on the basis of the way they are wired in. First one is a series circuit and the other one is a parallel circuit.

Quick Facts: –

  • The different objects that make up a circuit are known as components.
  • A material that can carry current well is known as a conductor. Silver and copper are the best conductors.
  • Switches act like gates that are used to control the flow of electricity.
  • Usually current flows through the metal wire but can also flow through some gases and liquids.
  • When a wire is connected to battery terminals, electrons flow from negative to positive.
  • A battery provides the energy that makes the electrons move.
  • A battery has two or more sections that are called cells. Each cell contains two electrodes.
  • The performance of an electric circuit can be described by using Ohm’s law or Kirchhoff’s law.
  • Electricity travels at the speed of light which is more than 1,86,000 miles per second.