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Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen Video for Kids


                                                Wilhelm Rontgen

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was a mechanical engineer from Germany. He was born on March 27, 1845 in the Lower Rhine Province of Germany. He was the first one to produce and detect electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength. These rays are now known as x-rays or Rontgen rays.

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Facts you didn’t know: –

  • In 1863, he was expelled from the school after being accused of a prank that another student had committed.
  • In 1848, his family moved to Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.
  • In 1895, he invented X-rays which is his most famous invention. It was a remarkable discovery in the field of medicines.
  • The first X-ray ever taken was an image of his wife’s hand.
  • Rontgen was the winner of first noble prize in physics. He got the prize in 1901.
  • He earned his PhD from the University of Zurich and then he went to Wurzburg to work.
  • In 1872, he marries Anna Bertha Ludwig and later they adopted Bertha’s brother’s daughter and raised her as their own child.
  • Wilhelm Rontgen carried out his research in several fields including thermal conductivity.
  • He never patented any of his discoveries.
  • In 1919, he received the prestigious ‘Helmholtz Medal’.
  • He died on February 10, 1923 due to carcinoma of the intestine.




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