Electric Circuits Video for Kids

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Electric Circuits Video Contents

This is a fun video for kids that teaches them about electricity and electric circuits. In this video, you will be able to find an activity you can do with kids that involves clay, batteries, wires and small LEDs. With this activity, kids will be able to learn how electricity works by making their own electric circuit. The video will give a complete list of the materials needed for the activity and shows how to do the activity with step by step instructions. The video will also talk about the facts of electricity; why the light will light up and why it will not when you connect the electrical circuits. Try this cool activity to teach your kids about electrical circuits.

This is an outstanding Electric Circuits facts for kids video and enhance your youngster’s attraction to Electric Circuits.

This Electric Circuits video is directed for youngsters, from ones engaged in early learning programs for Kindergarten children, till fifth graders, certainly including young youngsters and parental assisted educational programs.

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