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Elementary Science Experiments Video for Kids


                                  Elementary Science Experiments

This video is about one of the most amazing elementary science experiments for children. In this video, you will be able to see a soda balloon experiment that uses soda, salt and sugar. You will find out what materials are needed for this easy experiment and how to do the experiment with step by step instructions.

Requirements: –

  • Two different type of soda (2 bottles each)
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Four balloons
  • Trays

Procedure: –

  • Take two trays and put both the different soda bottles in them.
  • Open the soda bottles carefully so that they do not tip over.
  • Now take two balloons and put some salt in each of it.
  • Place these balloons on the mouth of the soda bottles in a way that the salt gets poured in the bottle slowly.
  • When salt gets mixed with the soda, it will create carbon dioxide gas which causes the balloon to inflate.
  • Now you can easily observe which soda creates more fizz when salt is added into it.
  • For the next step, you have to take different soda bottles.
  • This time put some sugar in the balloon instead of salt and then put them on the soda bottles.
  • You can take observations and compare both the scenarios that which soda creates more fizz and when?

Concept: –

Soda and other fizzy drinks are carbonated that means they have carbon dioxide gas dissolved in liquid under high pressure. When anything is dropped in the bottle which has uneven edges can cause more fizz to create. This fizz is resulted by small bubbles formed in the soda.



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