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Elephant Facts For Kids Video - Image of a Group of Elephants
Elephant Facts For Kids Video - Image of a Group of Elephants
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                                         Elephant facts

This video is all about elephants. The word elephant is derived from the Greek word ‘Elephas’ which means ivory. An elephant is the largest land animal in the world. They can live to be over 70 years old. There are only two distinguishable species of elephant left in the world: The African elephant and the Asian Elephant. They live in parts of Africa and Asia.

Fast facts about elephants: –

  • Elephant is the only mammal that cannot jump.
  • Elephants have a slow pulse rate of 27.
  • An elephant’s skin is an inch thick.
  • They have poor eyesight but an amazing sense of smell.
  • At the age of 14, an elephant can reproduce, but rarely has more than four children throughout her lifetime.
  • Elephants make purr sound like cats. It is a means of communication.
  • The elephant trunk has more than 40,000 muscles in it.
  • They can swim. They use their trunk to breath like a snorkel in deep water.
  • Their ears regulate their body temperature.
  • Their gestation period is about 22 months.
  • Although their trunk is really huge but it can pick up very tiny things, even a small grain of rice.
  • They can hear one another’s trumpeting calls up to 5 miles away.
  • They easily get sunburned so they protect themselves with sand.
  • More than 100 elephants are being killed every day for their ivory.
  • They are scared of bees.
  • They only sleep 2 or 3 hours in a day.
  • An adult elephant requires up to 300 kg of food and 160 Litres of water every day.
  • They can smell water from 10 miles away.