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Euclid or most commonly known as Euclid of Alexandria was a Greek Mathematician who is referred to as the ‘Father of Geometry’. His name was derived from the Greek word which means ‘Good Glory’. He inferred the values of what is now called Euclidean geometry. This geometry relies on a small set of axioms rather than lengthy theorems.

He also wrote a collection of geometrical theorems named as ‘Elements’. It is divided into 13 different books and still considered as one of the most prominent books of mathematics.


Quick Facts: –

  • Other major works of Euclid include ‘On Divisions of Figures’, ‘Data’, ‘Catoptrics’, ‘Phaenomena’.
  • Euclid used something known as the ‘synthetic approach’ to explain all of his theorems.
  • Not much information is available about his life but it is believed that he was born circa 300 BCE.
  • It is estimated that he worked from 323 to 283 BCE. During this era, Ptolemy I ruled Alexandria.
  • Euclid taught mathematics as a profession and also founded the Alexandrian School of Mathematics.
  • Manuscripts of his famous work ‘Elements’ were made in both, Latin and Arabic languages.
  • He made huge contributions to the understanding of prime numbers, their behavior, factorization and divisors.
  • Until the 19th century only Euclid’s work was considered as ‘geometry’ as no other type of geometry was introduced.
  • Many forms of mathematics are named after him including, Euclidean Geometry, Euclidean Number and Euclidean Algorithm.



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