Fastest Animals in the World Video

Fastest Animals in the World Video
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                                     Fastest Animals in the World

This video is all about two of the fastest animals in the world. The first one is Salamander that is the fastest land animal and mantis shrimp is the fastest animal in the water.

Salamander: –

  • There are about 500 known species of salamanders. They are amphibians.
  • They have a slender body frame with short legs and long tails.
  • Their physical appearance seems like a cross between frog and lizard.
  • Salamanders are carnivorous creatures.
  • They do not have eardrums. This is the reason they can barely hear anything.
  • Minute salamander is the smallest and the Chinese giant salamander is the largest.
  • Sometimes adult salamanders eat smaller ones.

Mantis Shrimp: –

  • Mantis Shrimp is found in the ocean.
  • They are also known as death machines of the sea.
  • They use clubs to punch their prey. They are more like elbow than fists.
  • Captured Mantis shrimps are kept in strong plastic tanks because their punch can easily break a glass wall.
  • They have the broadest visual spectrum of all the animals.
  • They have an excellent vision.
  • Some species mate for life.
  • They are solitary and aggressive animals and generally do not leave their home except for hunting or some other special factors.
  • They prefer to live in shallow waters.
  • Mantis Shrimps have the most complex eyes in the entire animal kingdom.
  • Their average lifespan is 18 years.