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Figs just might be the weirdest fruits of all. Think about turning a cluster of flowers outside in and you’ve got a fig. Now think about the idea that during their development, figs usually trap a wasp inside the fruit. Enzymes break the wasp down so you never see it. Weird, right?


Fun Facts

  • Figs are among the oldest fruits. They’re very sweet and have a soft, sticky texture.
  • Figs are not really fruits, but flowers turned inside out. Inside the fruit are the beginnings of hundreds of little flowers. The sweet edible seeds are the evidence.
  • Figs are very moist. Fig puree can be used to replace oil in baked goods.
  • Figs ripen and slightly dry on the tree before they’re picked.
  • These sweet fruits are very fragile and ripen quickly. Store them in the refrigerator or on a plate. Don’t stack them.
  • The skins can be eaten along with the fruit. Figs taste delicious roasted or served with goat cheese.
  • Dried figs are dates.
  • There are hundreds of varieties of figs, but only a few are found in the grocery store, such as the very sweet Black Mission figs and the Adriatic figs, which have pink flesh.
  • Almost all the figs eaten in the U.S. grow in California.
  • Spanish explorers introduced figs to California in the 1600s. Priests at the Mission San Diego planted fig trees in 1769.
  • Olympic athletes in Greece ate figs for energy. The Romans believed figs could prevent aging.
  • A handful of figs has as much calcium as one-half cup milk.



  1. Puree: mashed figs
  2. Fragile: easily damaged


Questions and Answers

Question: Do Fig Newtons really have figs?

Answer: Fig Newtons are made from figs. These healthy cookies have been around since 1892.


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