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Food Chains


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                                               Food Chain Facts

A food chain can be defined as a system that shows the feeding relationship between different living species in a particular environment or habitat. In other words, it is the transfer of energy from one species to another as every living thing on this planet requires energy in one or other form for their growth and health. Organisms that make their own food are called producers. Creatures that eat other living organisms are called consumers. Organisms that consume dead plants and animals are called decomposers. Plants are producers as they produce energy by using sunlight and other creatures consume them directly or indirectly.

Quick Facts: –

  • Food chains are an essential part of any ecosystem and important for the survival of living creatures.
  • There could be four different types of consumers which are carnivores, herbivore, omnivores, and scavengers.
  • Two or more food chains link together and form a food web. The concept of the food web was introduced by Charles Elton in 1927.
  • Any food chain starts with plant life and ends with animal life.
  • According to an estimate, there are more than 100,000 different types of composers in existence.
  • A 9th-century scientist Al-Jahiz introduced the concept of the food chain for the very first time.
  • Life could not exist on our planet without Sun as it is necessary for photosynthesis.
  • Each and every species has a specific position in the particular food chain. This position is called the Trophic level.
  • Same species can have a different Trophic level in two different food chains. It completely depends on all the species included in that food chain.
  • If a single level of a food chain is missing then the whole balance will be lost.
  • Food chains exist not only on land but under water as well. These chains start with a microscopic organism called plankton.


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