Entertain yourself watching a cool hand-picked and extremely simple to understand Planets for Kids science facts for kids video:

Planets for Kids Video – Why Watch It

This video is all about the Planet Alignments. This video will talk about the periods of time where we can see the planets’ alignment from here on Earth. Watch this video and see scenes of when Venus and Jupiter pop out around mid-February before the sky fades completely black, and how the view will improve the next day after that because Venus and Jupiter are converging. What’s fun about this video is that it will talk about the planet alignments you might be able to see outdoors, when they happen and why we are able to see them.

This interesting Planets for Kids facts video and significantly grow your general understanding Planets for Kids.

This Planets for Kids video is meant for children, from those partaking in early learning programs for pre-K children, leading to Fifth grade, clearly also preschool youngsters and toddlers schooled at home.

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