Fossilization Video for Kids

                                              Fossilization Facts

A fossil can be defined as the preserved remains left behind by an organism and fossilization is a process by which a fossil is formed. They are usually found within rocks of the earth’s crust. Fossils of most of the organisms cannot be found because most of their parts are decayed or destroyed.

Fun Facts: –

  • By studying a fossil, scientists can find out all the facts about that particular animal species like: – where they lived, what they ate, how they died etc.
  • A palaeontologist is the one who removes fossils from the ground and study it completely.
  • The largest single fossil ever found was a petrified tree. It was more than 70 meters long.
  • Fossils are formed when a living organism dies and becomes buried under the ground in the layers of segments.
  • The oldest fossils ever found were of blue – green algae that were found in South Africa.
  • There are two types of fossils, Petrified and Mold.
  • Dinosaur fossils are examples of petrified fossil.
  • The largest dinosaur fossil ever found is 110 foot long that is called as Argentinosaurus.
  • Most of the fossils are remains of extinct organisms.
  • When a fossil is being formed, the chemicals in the bones are replaced by some minerals. This process is known as per mineralization.
  • Fossils are found where sedimentary rocks are disposed.