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                                                     Fun Projects

This video is about some fun projects you can do with your kids; making a Cotton Ball Sheep. This is a simple craft project you can get your kids to try. The video will give a list of materials you will need to make your own Cotton Ball Sheep and show the procedures you need to do step by step. What’s great about this video is that it helps kids be creative and encourages kids to have fun while doing the project. The video also gives tips on what alternatives you can find for the materials needed.

  • You can make a jigsaw puzzle with your family picture on it. Take a cardboard and paste your picture on it. Now cut small pieces of it to make a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Take a plate and pour some milk in it. Now add two drops of different food colouring in it. Take a cotton swab and dip it in liquid soap. Now dip this cotton swab in the milk and you will get to see a burst of colours in the milk plate.
  • Take a metal hair band and wrap some fancy ribbon on it. Now take another ribbon and make a cute bow out of it. Paste this bow to the hair band.
  • Take some amount of shaving cream and add some food colouring to it. Whip it well and you will get different coloured foam. Use this colourful foam to create amazing crafts and let it dry.
  • Take bottle caps and draw any design of your choice using puffy paint. Allow it to dry. Your colour stamps are ready.
  • Take some colored cellophane. Take some laminating film and laminate the cellophane. Now roll this laminated cellophane and attach a torch at one end. Your lighting swords are ready.
  • Take some safe paint. Mix some water and colour in a bowl. Now use your finger tips to draw whatever you want.


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