Fungi Growth & Spores Video for Kids

                                  Fungi Growth and Spores

A fungus is a special type of microbe. It does not make its own food by photosynthesis; it takes its food from dead plants and animals which have started to decay. Fungi can be easily found in damp and warm places, soil, and water or even in humans. Most of them are not dangerous. Mushroom and yeast are also fungi but they are edible.

Quick Facts: –

  • Once they were classified as plants but fungi are not plants.
  • They eat by releasing enzymes outside of their body. These enzymes break nutrients down in to smaller pieces that can be absorbed easily.
  • Fungi cell walls are made up of chitin instead of cellulose.
  • They do not posses chlorophyll like plants.
  • They cannot actively move around.
  • The fungi kingdom is more similar to the animal kingdom in comparison to plant kingdom.
  • A fungus can live anywhere, even in Antarctica and the Gobi desert.
  • Fungi are extremely important to us because they provide food, medicines, enzymes and other fundamental products.
  • They can be made up of a single cell or multiple cells. Yeast is a single cell fungi and mushroom is an example of multiple cell fungi.
  • A few of them can be dangerous. They can cause diseases in animals, skin diseases in humans like Athletes’ foot, thrush etc.