Antarctica Facts Video for Kids

Have you ever wondered about existence of life in the largest cold desert, Antarctica?

                                           All about Antarctica

This video is all about Antarctica. It is the southernmost continent. It is cold, highest and windiest continents. Catherine Mikkelson, the wife of a Norwegian whaling captain, became the first woman to visit Antarctica in 1935. As a part of its effort to claim a portion of Antarctica, Argentina sent a pregnant woman to the continent. In the month of January, 1979, Emile Marco Palma became the first child born in the southernmost continent.

Fast facts about Antarctica:-

  • It is the fifth largest of seven continents.
  • The name Antarctica is derived from a Greek word ‘Antarktike’. It means ‘opposite to the north’.
  • It is surrounded by southern ocean.
  • The South Pole is found in this continent.
  • It is bigger than Europe and almost twice of the size of Australia.
  • Most of the continent is covered in ice over 1.6 kilometers thick.
  • It is considered as a desert because it experiences such little rain.
  • Penguins and Seals are well known animal that live in Antarctica.
  • Approximately 90% of ice found on earth is found in Antarctica.
  • There is no native human population in Antarctica.
  • The ice of Antarctica is not a smooth sheet but a continuously changing tract.
  • This continent has no trees or bushes.
  • At least two active volcanoes exist in Antarctica.
  • If all the ice sheets of Antarctica are melted, it will raise ocean around the world by 60 to 65 meters.
  • The coldest natural temperature ever on earth was -89.2°C at the Soviet Vostok Station.