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Glacier Peak


Glacier Peak is the most isolated of the five active volcanoes in the Washington state. It is also labelled as one of the nation’s most dangerous volcanoes because it erupts more explosively and frequently than any other volcano in the state. It is listed as a ‘very high threat’ along with 17 other volcanoes in the United States.

Glacier Peak is the only volcano in Snohomish County. It is 10,541 feet high and located in the Remote Cascade Range. This volcano got this name because it has more than a dozen glaciers coming down from its sides.


Fast Facts: –

  • The last eruption of Glacier Peak occurred about 240 years ago and the most recent large eruption occurred about 1,800 years ago.
  • The volcano is called Tda-ko-buh-ba by a tribe of American Indians that have lived on its flanks.
  • This volcano is among the ones with fewest seismic monitoring stations.
  • Glacier Peak is a part of the world’s first international peace park.
  • The Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park was established in 1932.
  • In 1995, it has earned a designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • This national park is often called as the Crown of the Continent.
  • There are two hot springs located I the volcano’s lower flanks.
  • It is a stratovolcano which is also known as a composite volcano. This is the most violent type.



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