Gravity Acceleration Facts for Kids Video

                                                     Gravity Facts

Gravity can be defined as a force that keeps objects with mass attracted to each other. It also keeps earth and other planets of the solar system in orbit around the Sun. Sir Isaac Newton introduced the theories of gravitational force. There are four fundamental forces which are electromagnetism, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force and gravitational force. Gravitational force is the weakest of all four of the fundamental forces. Gravity has no dual nature as it only attracts never repels. Larger masses have greater gravitational force.

Quick Facts: –

  • An object must travel at a speed of 7 miles per second to leave earth’s gravitational pull.
  • Modern physics uses Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity to describe gravity.
  • Some colonies of bacteria grow more quickly in microgravity. They also manage to survive in much higher densities.
  • Gravitational force has an infinite range. Its strength decreases rapidly as objects move farther apart.
  • Most of the people confuse mass and weight with each other. Mass is the stuff an object is made of and weight is the result of gravity pulling on the mass.
  • The weight of an object is determined by the strength of its gravitational pull.
  • The distance between two objects affects the gravity pull. The closer the objects are the stronger the gravitational pull will be.
  • Black holes are the objects with strongest gravitational pull in the entire universe.
  • Objects that are in earth’s orbit experience 12% less gravitational force than the objects on earth’s surface do.
  • The earth’s gravitational force is also responsible for keeping the moon in the orbit.