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How are Metamorphic Rocks Formed Video for Kids


                                   Metamorphic Rock Formation

Metamorphic rocks are formed from other rocks when they are changed because of heat and pressure. These changes occur in the process of metamorphism. This rock is formed underground through when molecular structure of a rock is changed due to heat, pressure and chemical reactions. Rocks can be deeply buried or squeezed because of earth’s movements. Due to excessive heat, they do not melt but the contained minerals change chemically. The pressure during formation of metamorphic rock causes its crystals to get arranged in layers.

Quick Facts: –

  • These rocks contain fossils sometimes if they are originated from a sedimentary rock.
  • Uplift and erosion help to bring these rocks to the earth’s surface.
  • Marble, slate, granulite, quartzite are excellent examples of metamorphic rocks.
  • Marble is known for its durability but can be dissolved by lemon juice and other acids.
  • Metamorphic rocks got this name because they always start as another type of rock. The word metamorphic literally means ‘changed form’.
  • Two basic types of metamorphic rocks are, regional and thermal.
  • The stage of changing is known as contact metamorphism.
  • Most part of the earth’s crust is made up of metamorphic rock.
  • A metamorphic rock can originate not only as igneous and sedimentary rock but also sometimes other types of metamorphic rocks.
  • Metamorphic rocks that have parallel bands of grain are known as foliated rocks.
  • Rocks that have no arrangement or bands of grain are known as non-foliated rock.


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