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Who doesn’t enjoy the display of fireworks? Discover the science behind those visions in this video as we get to watch two brave guinea pigs set off explosions at the Franklin Institute. Amazing how those explosions can be shaped and launched into the air to expand for our entertainment. Visions of red, green, purple spread sparking through the air making everyone who sees it go “ooh and aahhh”. It is easy to forget how dangerous these things can be. They are explosions after all. The complicated designs in the sky start out as a lot of tightly packed smaller charges arranged around a much bigger charge in the center. How they get the colors just right used to be a trick of the trade, but it is shared here for all to see. This information is just a peek into the world of fireworks shown to us by a professional. Please remember, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, without the appropriate adult supervision anyway.

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