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How to Change Traffic Lights Video for Kids


                                      How to Change Traffic Lights

If you or someone you know owns a motorcycle, a scooter or even a small car, you have probably noticed that it is easy to get stuck at a traffic light. This video explains why does it happen and there is a great little trick that will save your time, gas and frustration by getting you a green light every time.

At most traffic lights and turn signals, you will notice a loop of wire buried in the pavement or the road, near the stop line. This is called an inductive loop traffic detector that operates by sensing a change in frequency to the electromagnetic field over the coil of wire. In other words, when a car pulls up, it senses the vehicle and the light changes. Most bicycle, scooters, motorcycles and small cars do not have enough conducting material to trigger these loops and change the traffic light.

Here is this simple scientific trick so you will never get stuck at a traffic light again. Take two very strong neodymium magnets that have a pulling force of 6 pounds each. Also, keep a roll of heavy duty exterior mounting tape with you. After cutting off a small strip of tape, attach it to the magnets. Then apply it to the bottom of the test scooter, perpendicular to the road. And, it actually works.

These strong magnets produce a very powerful field that increases the inductance in these traffic sensors and causes the light to change. You can also put the magnet inside a chrome-plated pill holder to keep it from rusting.



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