Magnets for Kids – Facts for Kids Video

                                                   Magnets Facts

Magnets are somewhat strange and interesting materials that can be made in any shape and size. They attract certain types of metals like iron, cobalt, nickel. Any magnet has the magnetic North Pole and the magnetic South Pole. If the same poles of two magnets are placed near each other then they will repel and if opposite poles are placed near each other then they will attract. Even our planet earth acts like one big bar magnet. It also has a magnetic north and magnetic south. The earth’s core is believed to be a mix of iron and nickel that gives it its own magnetic field.

Fast Facts: –

  • The most powerful magnet in the entire universe is actually a star called a magnetar.
  • All magnets have an invisible magnetic field that attracts and sticks onto steel items.
  • The earliest magnets were referred to as lodestone or magnetite.
  • There are two kinds of magnets, a permanent magnet which is also known as a hard magnet and a temporary magnet which is also known as an induced magnet.
  • The magnetism of a magnet is concentrated at its poles.
  • Magnets have different applications. They are found in telephones, washing machines, vacuum cleaner, televisions etc.
  • An electromagnet can be created by an electric current running through a surrounding coil.
  • Magnetic compasses use earth’s magnetic field to provide correct navigations.
  • A magnet can be made of any material with a unpaired electron. They do not necessarily have to be iron or even metal.
  • Magnets are also used by veterinarians to retrieve and metal from the stomach of an animal.