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How to Make a Metal Detector Video for Kids


                                  How to Make a Metal Detector

An electronic instrument that detects the presence of any metal in its surrounding is called metal detector. What if you will be able to make a metal detector at home by using things that are easily available in your home? In this video, a small experiment is demonstrated to create a homemade metal detector.

Materials Required: –

  • An AM radio
  • Sticky tape
  • A small calculator
  • A metallic spoon

Procedure: –

  • First of all, turn the AM radio on.
  • Tune the radio to a high frequency of the AM band but that should not be directly on a broadcast station.
  • Set the volume to the maximum level. This will make you able to hear static.
  • Take the calculator and place it close to the radio till you hear a loud tone.
  • Secure the calculator in this position by using sticky tape.
  • Your metal detector is ready.
  • Take the spoon or any other metallic object and place it near your metal detector.
  • It will start making the buzzing sound with its loud tone.


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