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How to Make Glowing Water Cool Science Experiments for Kids Video


                                   How to Make Glowing Water

Making water that glows in the dark is a super fun activity. It can enhance the fun factor in your party. If you want to know how to make glowing water then there are various methods that you can use.

Using Tonic Water: – This method is quite simple.

  • Get hold of some standard tonic water that is easily available at most local stores or supermarkets.
  • Pour some tonic water in a clear container.
  • Now illuminate it with a black light and you have your glowing water.
  • Tonic water is absolutely safe to drink.

Using Highlighter Pens: –

  • Take a clear container and fill it with water.
  • You can take highlighter of any color but yellow is the most likely to glow in the dark.
  • Uncap the highlighter pen and use a pair of scissors or knife to cut the pen. Now take the ink-soaked felt out.
  • Dip this felt and let the ink bleed into the water until it changes the color.
  • Stir it well to make sure that ink is evenly mixed with the water.
  • Now shine a black light at this water and do not forget to turn the lights off to see the glowing effect.

Using Fluorescent Paint: –

  • Take some water in a clear container and pour some fluorescent paint.
  • Mix it thoroughly by using a stirring stick or a similar tool.
  • Your water is ready to glow and you can run a black light on this.


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