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                                                  Magnet Facts

A magnet can be defined as an object that produces a magnetic field. Magnetic fields are not visible to human eyes. A magnet only attracts certain metals like: – iron, cobalt and nickel. Magnetic objects can be attracted or pushed away by magnetism. Earth has its own magnetic field because earth’s core is made up of an alloy of iron and nickel.

Fast Facts: –

  • Every magnet has two magnetic poles, north and south. Different poles attract each other whereas same poles repel each other.
  • If you will cut a magnet in half then each of the resultant magnet pieces will have its own North and South Pole.
  • A magnet’s power is measured in Tesla.
  • Our earth is a massive but weak magnet.
  • A magnet can lose its magnetic properties after heating in hot flame or beating it with a hammer.
  • The earliest magnets were called as lodestone or magnetite.
  • There are two types of magnets, Permanent magnet and Temporary magnet.
  • At both the poles of the magnet, its pull is the strongest.
  • An electromagnet will not create a magnetic field until you will pass electricity through it.
  • A star, called a magnetar is the most powerful magnet of this entire universe.
  • If you will keep a magnet loose then its north pole will start pointing towards the earth’s North Pole.


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