Human Body Facts Video for Kids

                                     Facts about Human Body

This video is all about 10 shocking facts about the human body you might not know about. By watching this video, you will learn how many miles per hour scientists found a sneeze could be, how many watts of power our brain can produce and how stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve a knife. You will also learn how human hands and feet contain half your body’s bones, how many miles of blood vessels a human body contains, how the stomach receives a new lining every 4 days, how the pupils of human eyes can dilate just by sound, how men also have a uterus just like women and how every human has their own unique scent except for twins.

Facts: –

  • Just one sneeze has been estimated by scientists to pass over 100 miles per hour.
  • Our brain functions on nearly 10 watts of power. It is pretty good, considering that an average light bulb is 60 watt.
  • Hydrochloric acid or commonly known as stomach acid is tough enough to dissolve a knife and some other metals.
  • Your hands and feet carry half of the bones in the entire human body. One hand contains 27 bones and one foot contains 26 bones.
  • Scientists have concluded that our body contains nearly 60,000 miles of blood vessels.
  • Your stomach lining is continually being replaced. In actuality, we receive a new lining every 4 days.
  • The pupils of our eyes can dilate just by sound. The smallest noise can cause our pupils to become larger and make vision slightly blurry.
  • The brain cannot feel any pain at all but it is responsible for sending pain signals to any other part of our body.
  • Every human being on the earth has their own unique smell except identical twins which share the same aroma.
  • Women are not the only one that has the uterus, men have one too. Although it cannot be seen and is undeveloped, it does exist.