Interesting Facts About Jupiter Video for Kids

                                               Planet Jupiter Facts

Jupiter is the largest planet in the entire solar system. This planet is named after the King of Roman gods. It is the fourth brightest object in the earth’s sky. Jupiter has the shortest day of all the planets. It has 67 confirmed moons which are divided into three groups: -Inner moons, Galilean moons and Outer moons. There are four Galilean moons: – Io, Castillo, Europa and Ganymede. Ganymede is the largest of all 67 of them. It is also the largest moon among all other planets. This planet has a faint ring system around it which is mostly comprised of dust particles.

Quick Facts: –

  • Jupiter takes 11.86 earth days to complete one orbit of the sun.
  • This planet has a very strong magnetic field that is around 14 times stronger than earth’s.
  • There is a huge storm on Jupiter named the Great Red Spot. It has been raged for at least 350 years.
  • This planet has unique cloud features. Its upper atmosphere is divided into cloud belts and zones.
  • Interior of the planet is made of rock, metal and hydrogen compounds.
  • Till now, total eight spacecrafts have visited the planet. These spacecrafts are: – Pioneer 10 and 11, Voyager 1 and 2, Galileo, Cassini, Ulysses and New Horizon.
  • Jupiter spins very quickly on its axis. A day on Jupiter lasts only about 9 hours and 55 minutes.
  • The clouds on the planets are 50 kilometres thick.
  • It is the fifth planet from the Sun and is about 483 million miles from the Sun.
  • It is the stormiest planet of the entire solar system.
  • Jupiter appears flattened at the poles with a bulge at the equator.
  • The bulge is caused by its quick rotational speed.
  • It is a failed star because if it gained more mass, its size would decrease.
  • It emits more energy than it gets from the Sun.