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Introduction to Gears Video for Kids

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                                        Introduction to Gears

A gear can be defined as a toothed machine part which revolves and create torque. Every gear has these extended teeth around its circumference. These teeth are spaced out at regular interval. They allow the gear to match with another gear and provide rotational force.

If we will take two gears, one has 40 teeth and the other one has 20 teeth then we place them in such a way that their teeth will match each other. Now rotate any one of them, you will find that the second gear will automatically start rotating but in opposite direction. Every time, the big gear rotates once, it uses all of 40 teeth. The smaller one has only 20 teeth, so it will rotate twice.

Quick Facts: –

  • The first gears were wooden and had wooden teeth. They were used in watermills, windmills etc.
  • First of all, metal gears were used in clocks.
  • The gears used in car are called helical.
  • When one gear turns, it also turns the other gear.
  • Gears are used to generate more speed or power or transmit power from one part of a machine to another part.
  • Not all gears are in circular shape. A few of them have a shape of cone and square as well.




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