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                                               Simple Machines

simple machine can be defined as the easiest form of using an object to complete a task easily in lesser time. Or in other words, any simple arrangement that reduces the human effort in a work is known as a simple machine. Most common examples of simple machines are Slide, Pulley, Loading trolley etc.

Types of Simple Machines: –

  • Lever: – The lever is a long tool like a pole or a rod that is used to lift an object by putting it under the object that has to be lifted. Three major things of a liver are: – load, fulcrum and effort.
  • Wheel and Axle: – A wheel makes it easy for an object to move. And axle is a rod or pole which is placed in the centre of the wheel.
  • Inclined Plane: A simple ramp can be called inclined plane. When one end of a straight platform is higher than the opposite end. By using this arrangement, we can reduce the human effort in a particular task.
  • Wedge: Two inclined planes combine to form a wedge. A wedge is used to separate an object apart. We use it when we need to cut, tear or break something in two.
  • Pulley: A pulley can be defined as a combination of a wheel and a rope, chain or some other type of cord. A pulley makes the upward and downward movement of an object easier. It changes the direction of the force necessary to do the work.
  • Screw: – A screw is a different type of twisted inclined plane. It makes the upward movement of an object easier by moving in a circular motion.

Quick Facts: –

  • When we combine two or more simple machines, then a complex machine is created.
  • There are two different types of pulleys Moving pulleys and Fixed pulleys.
  • There are three different types of levers: – Class 1 lever, Class 2 lever and Class 3 lever.


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