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Kindergarten Science Projects Video for Kids

                                  Kindergarten Science Projects

In this video, you will be able to see a fun kindergarten science project. This video shows an experiment with different kinds of soda and Mentos as kindergarten kids try to find out which of the sodas is the fizziest.

Requirements: –

  • Diet Soda
  • Generic Cola
  • Generic lemon-lime soda
  • Generic orange soda
  • Root beer.
  • Geyser tube
  • Mentos

Procedure: –

  • Carefully open the bottle of soda and place it on the ground so it does not tip over.
  • Now put all the mentos from the packet into the Geyser tube.
  • Position the geyser tube onto the bottle of soda in such a way that all mentos can be dropped at once.
  • After placing it directly over the mouth of the bottle, let the mentos drop.
  • Make sure you run away at right to avoid spoiling your clothes.
  • You can repeat the same procedure with all the soda variants and observe which one is the fizziest.

Concept: –

The concept behind this experiment is a process called nucleation. The soda bottle is full of carbon dioxide. When any object is dropped into this bottle, tiny bubbles start to form on the object’s surface. Same thing happens when we add mentos to the soda bottle.