Wolf Facts Video for Kids

                                              Wolf Facts for Kids

The wolf is the largest member of the Canidae family. Wolves can be found in remote wilderness regions all over the world. Most commonly they are found in the United States, Canada and the Arctic Russia. These mammals can weigh close to 200 pounds when they are fully grown adults. They are closely related to coyotes, dingoes, dogs and jackals. Wolves are carnivores and generally feed upon moose, deer, bighorn sheep etc. These social creatures prefer to hunt in packs. A pack generally contains between six to ten wolves. These packs are lead by the alpha pair.

Quick Facts: –

  • Wolves communicate with each other using different types of vocalizations. They howl, whimper, bark, growl and whine.
  • They also leave scent marks as a way of communicating.
  • Gray wolves are one of the most wide ranging land animals as they occupy a wide variety of habitats.
  • The scientific name for wolf is Canis lupus.
  • Wolves have two layers of fur, an undercoat and a topcoat of fur. It allows them to survive in temperatures as low as minus 40°C.
  • Their average life span in the wild ranges anywhere from 6 to 8 years.
  • Wolves sit on the top of the food chain and are only threatened by people.
  • Their gestation period last for about 63 days.
  • They have excellent eyesight and hearing with a keen sense of smell, 100 times greater than humans.
  • They have extremely powerful jaws with 42 teeth.
  • Wolves can run really fast and do not get tired easily.