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Labrador Sea


The Labrador Sea is a marginal sea in the Atlantic Sea. It is located between Greenland and the Labrador Peninsula in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is surrounded by continental shelves to the southwest, northwest, and northeast.

It is believed to have formed over 60 million years ago and it kept expanding for at least 20 million years after its formation. This sea was formed when the Greenland Plate and the North American Plate separated.


Quick Facts: –

  • At the point where it joins the Atlantic Ocean, the Labrador Sea is 3,400 meters deep and 1,000 kilometers wide.
  • It is a salty sea and has a very fast current that moves at a speed of one meter for every second that passes.
  • It maintains salinity in the range of 30 to 34 parts per 1,000 which is considered to be relatively low.
  • The Labrador Current is a combination of the West Greenland Current, the Baffin Island Current, and inflow from Hudson Bay.
  • The sea water is very cold. The average temperature of water ranges from -1°C to 6°C.
  • During the winter season, approximately two-thirds of the sea is covered in ice.
  • It serves as the main source for the cold water mass that flows along the North Atlantic’s western edge.
  • Once, code fishing was very popular here but it got banned in 1922 because of the depleted fish stocks.
  • This sea serves as feeding grounds for Atlantic salmon and many other marine mammals.



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