Learn About Gravity Video for Kids

                                                  Gravity Facts

Gravity can be defined as a force which is responsible for attraction between objects with mass. Gravitational force keeps earth and other planets of our solar system in orbit around the sun. Gravity does not have dual nature. It only attracts objects. Gravity does not push things apart.

Fun Facts: –

  • Isaac Newton was the first person to introduce a theory about gravitation force.
  • Gravity is more than making things fall down. It controls the motion of planets around the Sun and holds galaxies together.
  • Gravitational force of an object is directly proportional to its mass.
  • Gravity and weight are two different things. Most of the people confuse them with each other.
  • Parts of Hudson Bay and surroundings of Quebec are areas of earth with low gravity.
  • Saturn’s moon Titan has a low gravity. Human beings can fly there by flapping the wings attached to their arms.
  • In zero gravity atmospheres, a candle’s flame becomes blue and round.
  • Birds require gravity to swallow. This is the reason they cannot be brought to the space.
  • A neutron star’s gravity bends light in such a way that more than half of its surface is visible from a specific point.
  • At the time of formation of our solar system, Jupiter gained sufficient mass to make its gravity strong.