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Learning Simple Classifications of Animals Facts for Kids Video


                                       Classifications of Animals

This video is all about classifications of animals. There are so many different types of animals found in different parts of the world.

  • Terrestrial Animals: – These are the animals that live on the ground like zebra, elephant, cow, dog etc. Most of the animals that live on the ground have four legs because they need to run to catch their food or to run away from the enemies. Animals living in cold weather have long hairs that save them from winters. Most of the animals on ground have strong senses so that they can find food. All terrestrial animals breathe like humans. They have lungs like us to breathe. Few animals cannot bear cold weather so they eat a lot of food and go underground for months. They come out when the temperature is right for them. Animals hiding to save themselves from winter go in a state called hibernation.
  • Aquatic Animals: Aquatic animals live in water. These animals do not have lungs. They breathe from gills. Examples are fish, turtle etc.
  • Amphibians: These creatures can live both on land and water. Examples are crocodile, frog etc.
  • Arboreal: – Arboreal animals live on land but spend more time on trees. Examples are monkey, koala etc.
  • Aerial Animals: These animals remain in air like birds.
  • Carnivores: These animals eat meat.
  • Herbivores: These animals eat only plants.
  • Omnivores: – These animals eat both plants and animals.


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