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The Properties of Gases Video for Kids


                                            Properties of Gases

Gas is one of the three states of matter. It does not have any fixed shape or fixed volume. Gas has slower density as compared to liquid or solid. In this state, there is more empty space between particles. These particles move very fast and spread out. There are various properties of gas like: – Pressure, Temperature, Volume, Number of particles etc.

Properties of Gas: –

  • A gas does not have its own definite shape. It acquires the shape of the container. Because they have largest intermolecular separation and weakest intermolecular attraction.
  • It does not have any surface.
  • Gases are not stiff and can be easily compressed.
  • An internal combustion engine is a good example of compressibility of gases.
  • Gases can be easily diffused into another gas.
  • If you will cool down a gas then intermolecular separation will be reduced and it will change the state from gas to liquid.
  • Gases are fluids. They can flow like liquids.
  • Gases occupy more space than the solids or liquids from which they are formed.
  • If you will try to mix two gases, we will get a homogenous mixture.
  • Pressure of a gas is equal to the force per unit area.
  • Pascal is the SI unit for pressure, denoted by ‘Pa’.




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