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Lion Facts for Kids Video


                                            Lion facts

Lions belong to the big cat family and are traditionally represented as the ‘King of the Jungle’. There are mainly two subspecies, Asiatic Lions and African Lions. Asiatic Lions live in India’s Gir forest and African Lions live in central and southern Africa. They look similar but they are very much different in size, habitat, diet etc.

Quick facts: –

  • Scientific name for lion is Panthera Leo.
  • Lions are very much social in their own communities
  • They generally live in close family groups, called pride. Lion is the only one from the big cat family to live in a group.
  • They generally live in open grasslands and woodlands.
  • Lions generally prey on zebras, buffalos, wild hogs, young elephants etc. Lions generally hunt at night.
  • Females of a pride do most of the hunting. After a successful hunt, all members of the pride share the meal.
  • They have a comparatively fast digestive system.
  • Lions can spend 4-5 days without water. Meanwhile they obtain moisture from the stomach contents of their prey.
  • Lions are the laziest creature of the big cat family. They spend 16-20 hours a day sleeping.
  • Lionesses can give birth to 2-3 cubs at a time.




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