Madame Curie Biography Worksheet – Free Printables Hidden Words Game Science for Kids

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Marie Curie wasn’t always a famous scientist. She was born in Poland.

Madame Curie Biography Worksheet – Learn fun facts about Madam Curie with this free printables hidden words game science for kids activity. This fun Biography worksheet about Madame Curie includes a hidden words game and a find the missing word puzzle for kids. Parents and teachers are free to download and print this worksheet as often as they need. The Madame Curie worksheet is ideal for Preschoolers, Pre-K kids, Kindergarten kids and Grammar school kids in Grade One to Grade Five.

Grammar school & Primary school kids can enjoy learning fun facts about Madame Curie and use this worksheet as a reading comprehension exercise. Younger kids who have not yet learned to read and write can enjoy the hidden words game and missing words puzzle as a listening comprehension game.

Educators can use the facts about Madame Curie Biography worksheet as a fun way to teach kids about this famous inventor. Teachers can use this free printable hidden words game to supplement science lessons and special education programs for kids. Kids being home-schooled can also enjoy this fun science for kids worksheet.

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Madame Curie was a great inventor! She invented a very special invention we still use today. Do you know what that invention was? Madame Curie married a great scientist inventor and both of them won Nobel Prizes. They usually worked together in their laboratory. Want to know more about Madame Curie discoveries?

Visit the page on our site with fun facts about Madame Curie to learn about her inventions and life and download the Madame Curie Biography worksheet!

Free Madame Curie Biography Worksheet for Kids

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Download FREE Madame Curie Biography Worksheet for Kids!
Download FREE Madame Curie Biography Worksheet for Kids!


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