Madame Curie – X-Ray Machine Inventor

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Marie Curie wasn’t always a famous scientist. She was born in Poland.

Marie Curie wasn’t always a famous scientist. First, she was a little girl born in Poland. Her family had five children and her parents were both teachers. They loved poetry, books and learning and taught their children many things. Marie had a very loving family, but they weren’t always happy.

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All About Madame Curie: Marie Curie was a famous scientist. She was born in Poland.

Their country was ruled by Russia. Marie’s family did not like the rules the Russian government made. It was against the law to speak Polish. It was against the law for girls to go to school. But Marie’s parents did not care. They sent Marie to a secret school. Marie and her sister made a pact to help each other go to college. Marie worked as a governess to pay for her sister’s school. She secretly taught poor children how to read, which was against the law. She thought all people should be educated. Later, Marie went to college. She became a brilliant scientist.

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She discovered radium and polonium. These two substances are radioactive

Fun Facts about Madame Curie for Kids

  • Marie discovered radium and polonium. These two substances are radioactive.
  • Marie and her husband won a Nobel Prize for their work. She later won another Nobel Prize.
  • Marie’s family ran a secret school.
  • Marie’s sister, Bronia, became a doctor – something unheard of for women then.
  • Marie’s husband, Pierre, was a scientist too. He and Marie often worked together.
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Marie and her husband Pierre won a Nobel Prize for their work.

Madame Curie Vocabulary

  1. Famous: well-known
  2. Scientist: person dedicated to the study of science
  3. Pact: agreement or promise, often done in secret
  4. Governess: private teacher, nanny
  5. Brilliant: bright, fantastic

Learn More All About Madame Curie, X-ray Machine Inventor

Watch this interesting video all about Madame Curie’s life:

A video biography of Marie Curie.

Madame Curie Q&A

Question: What were the benefits of Madame Curie’s discoveries?

Answer: Madame Curie invented the x-ray. During World War 1, she made x-ray machines that could go on trucks. She sometimes drove the trucks herself to wounded soldiers.


Question: When did Madame Curie die?

Answer: Madame Curie was born in 1867. She died in 1934. She died of leukemia, caused by exposure to radiation.


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