Marine Biology Jobs Facts for Kids Video

                                              Marine Biology Jobs

A marine biologist is the person who studies aquatic organisms, their behaviour and interaction in detail. From small organism like plankton to large creature like whales, everything that lives in ocean is included in marine biology. Marine biologists collect and analyze data, study different plant and animal species and environmental effects on them and many more things. They could research how ocean acidification is affecting marine organisms.

Quick Facts: –

  • Marine biologists are somewhat similar to zoologist and wildlife biologists. The only difference is that they work in the ocean.
  • Molecular biology, applied research, biochemistry etc. are key skills for them.
  • They help the seafood industry provide consumers with sustainable food choices.
  • They work underwater as much as they work in laboratories.
  • Much of their work focuses on research.
  • In 1892, the Hopkins Marine Stations in Pacific Grove, California was established by Stanford University.
  • A lot of advanced scientific techniques and technologies are requires in this work field.
  • Experienced individuals may continue their work on a self-employed consultancy basis.
  • Advising on climate change and sea-based energy technologies, managing research budgets, building new theories and testing hypothesis.