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Mercury Planet Facts for Kids Video


                                             Planet Mercury Facts

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. This planet can be observed from the earth thirteen times in a century. Last time it was seen on May 9, 2016. This planet is named after the Roman messenger to the gods. Diameter of Mercury is 4,879 km and mass is 3.30 x 10^23. This planet has no moons or rings. It is the smallest planet in the entire solar system. The surface of Mercury is wrinkled as its iron core cooled and contracted. These wrinkles have been named as Lobate Scarps. They can be up to a mile high and hundred miles long.

Quick Facts: –

  • Mercury has a very low surface gravity.
  • It is the second densest planet after earth.
  • This planet has no atmosphere as it lacks of any type of weather or wind, perhaps because of its close proximity to the Sun.
  • It is known as a terrestrial planet that consists of about 70% metallic and 30% silicate material.
  • Mercury generates a magnetic field in its interior but that is quite weak, approximately 1% that of Earth’s.
  • Only two spacecrafts, Mariner 10 and Messenger have ever visited Mercury.
  • There is no water on the surface of the planet but there could be water underneath the surface.
  • It is the most cratered planet of the entire solar system.
  • It is the second hottest planet with an average temperature of around 427°C.
  • Mercury takes only 88 earth days to completely orbit the Sun.
  • The shape of Mercury’s orbit is more of an ellipse rather than a circle.
  • This planet does not experience any seasons as it has the smallest tilt of all other planets.


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