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Metamorphic Rocks Facts for Kids Video


After watching this video, you will get to know some details of metamorphic rocks.

                                  Metamorphic Rocks Facts

What is a metamorphic rock?

  • A metamorphic rock is created by many physical and chemical changes over time by heat and pressure. It is formed when any igneous or sedimentary material changes into a denser form. Metamorphic is a Greek word that means ‘change of forms’.

What is an igneous rock?

  • A rock formed from cooling and hardening of magma.

What is a sedimentary rock?

  • A rock formed from compressed and solidified layers of organic or inorganic matter.

A major part of the outermost solid shell of earth, called as crust of earth is made up of metamorphic rocks. Metamorphism of rock causes some alterations in texture and mineral composition. New textures are formed from a process called re-crystallization. New minerals are created at the time of recombination of elements.

What are the different kinds of metamorphic rocks?

  • Two types of metamorphic rocks are commonly found: – Regional and Thermal.

Regional metamorphic rocks can be found in mountainous regions. It is formed mainly by pressure, as opposed to heat. Different amounts of pressure produce different types of rocks. If the pressure will be higher, changes will be more drastic. And, depth of the rock is also proportional to the increment in temperature.

Metamorphic rocks, which are found closer to the earth’s surface or produced by low pressure, usually split or flake into layers. This process is called foliation.

Thermal metaphoric rocks, also named as contact metaphoric rock, are formed by acute heat and significant pressure. Pressure is not the only factor.

Thermal metamorphic rocks are not as ample as regional metamorphic rocks.

Fast Facts of Metamorphic rocks: –

  • Uplift and erosion are two important factors which help to bring metamorphic rock to the earth’s surface.
  • Example of metamorphic rocks are- anthracite, marble, granulite, slate, schist etc. Anthracite is a type of coal with high carbon count and few impurities. Sedimentary rock limestone forms Marble. Slate is formed from the sedimentary rock mudstone.
  • The final state of a metamorphic rock is decided by the amount of pressure.


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