Michael Collins

Michael Collins is a former astronaut and test pilot. He was part of the Gemini 10 and Apollo 11 missions. He was born on October 31, 1930 in Italy. His father James Lawton Collins was a United States Army Major General. During World War II, Collins family moved back to Washington D.C. Michael attended West Point Military Academy in New York.

After graduating he joined the Air Force in 1952. He served as an experimental flight test officer at Edwards Air Force Base in California, testing jet fighters.


Quick Facts: –

  • Michael Collins was chosen by NASA to be part of the third group of astronauts in 1963.
  • He also applied in 1962 for the second group of astronauts but was not accepted.
  • He did two spacewalks in Gemini 10 which was launched on July 18, 1966. Gemini 10 was the 16th crewed spacecraft to circle the earth.
  • Collins was the command module pilot of Apollo 11 which was also his second and final mission.
  • During this mission, he remained in the command module and his fellow astronauts walked on the moon’s surface.
  • He spent a total of 266 hours which is more than 11 days in the outer space.
  • He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contribution in this field along with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
  • Collins left NASA in 1970 and then he served as the director of the National Air and Space Museum until 1978.
  • After that he started working as an aerospace consultant.