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Millau Viaduct  

Millau Viaduct is the tallest bridge in the world with a structural height of 343 meters. This bridge was opened on December 14, 2004. It is made up of several small spans to cross a valley, while prevalent in rail networks, where a flat transition across a gorge is crucial. This cable stayed bridge is located in France over a valley of the River Tarn near Millau. This valley is over 8,000 feet long and very deep. It is a result of hard work of French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux and British architect Norman Foster.

Quick Facts: –

  • The Millau Viaduct took 3 years to build and the total cost of the project was €394 million.
  • This bridge was constructed to solve traffic problems in the Tarn Valley.
  • It was officially opened by then President of France Jacques Chirac.
  • It is the highest bridge in the entire Europe according to the deck height which is 270 meters.
  • The total length of the roadway is 2,460 meters and there are total seven piers on the bridge.
  • This bridge bagged the Outstanding Structure Award I the year 2006.
  • The Millau Viaduct was proposed in 1991. From 1993 to 2001, government of France held consultations with architects and engineers.
  • The construction started on October 16, 2001 and the first piers were started in January 2002.
  • This bridge has the highest pylons in the world and also the highest bridge tower in the world.
  • Around 200,000 tons of concrete used for each of the bridge’s seven piers.



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