Minions Facts

Despicable Me introduced these small, Twinkie-shaped, banana-loving henchmen called minions in 2013. Now they have become everyone’s favorite. There are a few facts about these cute little critters that you should know if you also adore them.


Quick Facts: –

  • A minion has only three fingers in each hand.
  • They can survive in outer space as they do not require oxygen to breath and can resist freezing.
  • They are either one-eyed or two-eyed and always wear metallic goggles for no specific reason.
  • In Despicable Me, they have slightly crooked teeth but in Despicable Me 2, they have aligned teeth.
  • They have been licensed by McDonald’s, Hasbro and General Mills.
  • In Despicable Me, All the minions are voiced by co-director Pierre Coffin.
  • Technically they are multilingual as their language Minionese is a mix of Spanish, English, Russian, Korean, and Italian etc.
  • Their language is more pragmatic than semantic.
  • Good minions are yellow in color and evil minions are purple.
  • This is still unknown if they have a gender and how do they reproduce.
  • In both the films, there are only 5 natural hairstyles for them including bald.
  • An average minion is about 105 centimeters tall.
  • All tall minions have sprout cut hair while those who have one eye are rarely tall.
  • They have Standard English names like Bob, Stuart, and Kevin etc.