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Modern Abacus


Abacus is the most ancient device used for calculations. It is mainly used to solve basic arithmetic problems. It has got a unique place in the history of mathematics. Abacus is a Latin word that means “flat surface”. This device consists of a wooden frame, rods and beads. Each rod represents a different place value and each bead represents a number. These beads can be moved along the rods. Calculations are performed by moving these beads. Modern abacus has been proved to be a brain development tool that can enhance mental calculating abilities in small children.

Quick Facts: –

  • The Modern abacus that we use today can be instantly made to read zero by a horizontal pull along the center.
  • The Russian abacus is known as the schoty. It is different from other abacuses as it is not divided into decks.
  • China is considered to be the place origin of abacus as the original written documentation is dated in the second century BC.
  • Cranmer abacus was invented by Tim Cranmer. It is used by blind people to perform calculation easily and quick.
  • Most people confuse the counting board and abacus with each other. Both the devices are different.
  • Our modern computers use binary abacus to manipulate numbers. ASCII code is used to read sign, symbols and numbers.
  • The Chinese version of abacus is known as “Suanpan” –  (meaning calculating pan).
  • Using an abacus is easy. It just takes a few mental calculations and your fingers to record the result.



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