Types of Robots

A robot can be defined as an intellectual machine that has some logic to work itself. There are many ways of defining different types of robots like on the basis of application or manufacturing mechanism etc.


Classification of robots on the basis of different circuits: –

On the basis of capability of performing tasks there are three different types of robots: –

  • Simple-Level Robots: – These robots have simple circuits and are just developed to extend human potential.
  • Middle-Level Robots: – These robots are programmed at the time of manufacturing but can never be reprogrammed. They can perform more difficult tasks.
  • Complex-Level Robots: – These programmed robots are easily reprogrammable. They also contain complex circuits.


On the basis of application: –

  • Industrial Robots: – The main purpose of manufacturing these robots is to use them in an industrial manufacturing environment. They can perform various tasks like welding, painting, and weightlifting etc.
  • Domestic Robots: – These robots are mainly used at home. Robotic vacuum cleaners, sweepers, and gutter cleaner etc. are good examples of domestic robots.
  • Medical Robots: – These robots are generally used in medical institutions. Surgery robot is a good example.
  • Service Robots: – These robots are manufactured to perform a variety of tasks like data gathering, research work, and show off technologies etc.
  • Entertainment Robots: – These robots perform a lot of tasks. From a hi-tech robot toy to an advanced automatic motion simulator, everything falls into this category.
  • Military Robots: – Military robots are mainly used as a part of the defense system. The military has different types of robots like bomb disposal robot and reconnaissance drones etc.
  • Space Robots: – Space Robots are specifically designed to be used on the International Space Station and in other space missions.