Is Moss A Plant?

Moss is a group of tiny, fuzzy plants belonging to the division Bryophyta which are non-vascular plants. These plants can reach 0.4 to 4 inches in height on average. The largest species can reach up to 20 inches. This is the first plant to survive on solid ground as they have evolved from algae.

There are 12,000 different species of moss which can be found throughout the world. In ancient cultures, this plant was used to help cleanse and heal the wounds.

Quick Facts: –

  • Most animals do not eat moss as it is hard to digest with very little nutritional value.
  • Reindeers are the exception in this case as they eat this plant because it contains a chemical which keeps their blood warm.
  • These plants do not have roots. They have cell filaments called rhizoids instead of roots.
  • This green fuzzy plant does not make seeds and it does not have fruits. They also do not produce pollen.
  • Generally these plants tend to grow in moist places, but some species are drought tolerant and cold tolerant.
  • They collectively provide more carbon offset than all of the trees in the world which makes them important for us.
  • The reason why these plants cannot grow taller is because they are not able to water to the top.
  • They break down exposed substrata and release nutrients for the use of more complex plants that succeed them.
  • The sheet moss is a species that grow in carpets on the soil. It is bright green.