Mount Blackburn

Mount Blackburn is the highest peak of the Wrangell volcanic range at a height of 16,390 feet. It is also the 5th highest peak in the United States. This mountain was named in 1885, by Lieutenant Henry Allen, after Joseph Clay Stiles Blackburn, a senator from Kentucky. It is located in Alaska, North America.

It has two summits which are the east peak and the west peak. The east peak is also known as the Kennedy Peak. The Wrangell volcanic range includes many massive volcanoes including Mount Sanford, Mount Wrangell etc.


Quick Facts: –

  • The first ascent to the eat peak of Mount Blackburn was made by Dora Keen and George Handy in 1912.
  • It makes it one of the few major mountains that was first climbed by a woman.
  • Dora Keen also wrote a famous article for the Saturday Evening Post titled, “First up Mount Blackburn.”
  • The second ascent of East Blackburn was made in 1977 by way of the southeast ridge.
  • The first ascent of the West Peak was made on May 30, 1958 by a team that included Bruce Gilbert, Dick Wahlstrom, Hans Gmoser, Adolf Bitterlich, and Leon Blumer.
  • The main difficulties faced by climbers during the ascent include basic snow and ice climb.
  • This mountain is also the twelfth highest mountain peak in the entire North America.
  • It is a part of the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. This peak is the third highest in the entire park.
  • Climbers do not require any sort of permit to climb this mountain. They can check in at the park ranger station in case of emergency.