Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is a massive mountain located in Pikes National Forest which is in Colorado, United States. It measures approximately 14,110 feet high. This mountain was discovered in the early 1700s but it got its name much later.

It was named after an American explorer Zebulon Montgomery Pike who first tried to climb it in November 1806 but could not succeed.

When he viewed the mountain for the first time, he named it ‘The Great Peak’. The first successful ascent to its summit was made by a botanist Edwin James in 1820.


Quick Facts: –

  • Out of all 54 mountains in the states of Colorado, Pikes Peak sits 32nd in terms of elevation.
  • The Pikes Peak region has many popular mountain towns at its base including Canon City, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, and Cripple Creek etc.
  • The Colorado Springs gets its main water supply from the watershed of this mountain.
  • Julia Archibald Holmes was the first ever woman to climb the peak. She made her ascent in 1858.
  • The earliest records that noted the altitude of this mountain dates back to 1859. A map described the routes to the summit.
  • From 1930 to 1984, this mountain also featured a famous ski resort.
  • Popular routes to the summit of the mountain include hiking up Barr Trail, driving through the highway or taking the rail route.
  • The uppermost portion of the mountain that is above 14,000 feet elevation was declared a National Historic Landmark.
  • This mountain is widely known because of its commanding location and easy accessibility.