Mount Hua

Mount Hua or Mount Huashan is one of the five sacred mountains in China. It is also known as Western Great Mountain. It is located in Weinan City and Huayin City of Shaanxi Province. It measures 2,154 meters in height. The mountain’s hike is considered the world’s most dangerous hike.

There are a total of five peaks in the mountain which are Sunrise Peak, Lotus Flower Peak, Falling Goose Peak, Cloud Terrace Peak and Jade Maiden Peak. Falling Goose Peak is the highest of all.


Quick Facts: –

  • Falling Goose Peak or also known as the South Peak is home to a Taoist temple as well as a quaint tea house.
  • In 1988, this temple was categorized as a national monument.
  • The Lotus Flower Peak is the West Peak. It has got this name because of its lotus like appearance.
  • Mount Hua is famous for its steep stairs, awe stricken trails and incredibly impressive sunrise and sunset.
  • The steep staircases are carved into the mountain and they are nearly vertical.
  • Visitors can also choose a cable car in order to reach the top of the mountain to avoid the difficult staircase.
  • The best time to visit Mount Huashan is during April to October.
  • It takes about 24 hours to hike all the five peaks of the mountain.
  • In earlier times, Mount Huashan was regarded as a mountain of divinity.
  • The Cloud Terrace Peak is the lowest of all five peaks of the mountain with a height of 1,614 meters.
  • The most famous part of the mountain is the wooden plank walk.