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Nasal Cannula Facts for Kids Video


                                            Nasal Cannula Facts

Learn all about the Nasal Cannula by watching this short video. It is a type of oxygen therapy devices. You will be able to see how this device is used, what its main function is and how the oxygen flows from the Cannula into the patient. The device is lightweight and comfortable enough for patients to be able to eat, drink and speak. The video also shares some images of the different designs of nasal cannula that makes it more comfortable for the patient.

It is one of the most common ways of delivering oxygen therapy. A nasal cannula consists of two soft prongs, attached to the oxygen supply tubing. The prongs are inserted into the patient’s nostrils. The tubing is looped over the patient’s ears and a toggle is adjusted to ensure a good fit. Oxygen flows from the cannula into the patient’s nasopharynx which acts as an anatomic reservoir.

Features: –

  • Oxygen can be administered at 6 litres/min or less.
  • Flow rates of 4 litres/min or less do not need to be humidified.
  • Can be used with children at very low flow rates.
  • Lightweight and generally comfortable.
  • Mouth breathers can benefit from this device.
  • Needs upper airway to be free of obstruction.
  • Are available with different prong shapes.

Oxygen concentration received by the patient will vary as previously mentioned. However, oxygen flows of 1-6 litres/min will be delivered up to 44% of oxygen to most adult patients. There are various sizes available and the varieties of prong shapes are also available to suit variant circumstances.



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